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It's a new experience for me

Okay, i think i'm kind of coward type, whenever there is some special occasion or some important tasks or duty being assigned to me, i will worry first, i know in another word, it's lack of confident.

For this time, I will be traveling to US on this coming September - of course - it's a business trip , and i will need to apply for US Visa and go for a Visa interview.

So, i completed the application on 7th July 2017 and the earliest Visa interview schedule will be on 25th July 2017.

During the Visa interview scheduling, i still don't feel the heat yet, i started to worry 4 days before the actual interview day.

Starts to imagine all the worst cases that might be happened before/during the interview, and even dream of it- a nightmare that i went to US Embassy without all my documents. **no doubt, i have a stack of documents prepared, from the business invitation letter, itinerary, identification card photocopy, blah blah blah.....and a super ugly 2 * 2 inches photo of mine >.<

Reading other people's experience, and start to scare off myself, no bags la, strictly no this and that......i will just stop reading all these....just get myself prepared...

Okay, i cannot leave home without a bag, some more i think to take train and bring along a stack of i decided to bring along my A4 size handbag...

Public transport or drive there myself? Public transport, i worried if there is any delay; driving myself, i worry about the parking lot... get some advice from my friends who working around that area...finally, decided to take train to Ampang Park and then grab/uber a car....

I have to say, my interview appointment is set to be 7.30am, so early....ya, i know, i don't like the wait, and i prefer to get it done fast, so i go for the earliest session...

I reached in Kelana Jaya LRT station on 5.45am, yes, freaking early. **the LRT station operation hours is 6am, but the parking right downstair still haven't open-first unpredictable thing...

No choice, i have to park my car over the road side near shop lots...coins to pay for the parking, another unpredictable thing...

I managed to get in to the first train-on 5.55am-most of the passengers are uncles and aunties...

Everything good, reached in Ampang Park on 6.35am, grab/uber to see if there is any drivers around, the uber pick me up on 6.45am reached the entrance of US Embassy on 7.00am, and they are 3 people queuing already...

So, i'm the fourth person, so no panic, sit on the bench, get ready with
1. ic-to get a visitor pass
2. appointment confirmation letter
3. passport, for the lady at the counter to stick on some info

**Reached at US Embassy 15 minutes earlier-they take it strictly, they will only call for you 15 minutes before your appointment time to line up

They will then pass you a small basket, so that you can leave your electronic device, car key, earphone-add-on, the basket cannot fit a tablet, so, not advisable to bring along laptop or tablet.

There will be instruction given till you done with your interview.

After all the procedures, you will be queuing up for bio-metric verification, then please be seated until you are called for interview.

The interview greet me a good morning and i'm her first interviewee of the day. **peace**
OS: please don't reject my application, please......

As i'm applying for B1-business travel Visa, so some questions related to my work, something like below:-

1. Purpose travel to US?
2. How long you will be there?
3. Do you have any relative or family member in US?
4. How long have you been with your company?
5. Have you traveled to other countries for working purpose?

Voila, your Visa is approved!

Wait for the SMS/Email notification to pickup / delivery.

I shall call this my type of happiness, i foresee this will last for one whole week or maybe more...

Thank you :)


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