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suit me or not???

ok...this is the spec that i borrow from my classmate,'s a funny "glasses"...almost all of us play with his spec during the SSIL can imagine, how was the dinner...hehehe...i'm just wonder the spec
suit me or not?
suit me or not?
suit me or not?
suit me or not?
suit me or not?
hehehe...erm...i thinks it's looks pro...hehehe


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Okay, i think i'm kind of coward type, whenever there is some special occasion or some important tasks or duty being assigned to me, i will worry first, i know in another word, it's lack of confident.

For this time, I will be traveling to US on this coming September - of course - it's a business trip , and i will need to apply for US Visa and go for a Visa interview.

So, i completed the application on 7th July 2017 and the earliest Visa interview schedule will be on 25th July 2017.

During the Visa interview scheduling, i still don't feel the heat yet, i started to worry 4 days before the actual interview day.

Starts to imagine all the worst cases that might be happened before/during the interview, and even dream of it- a nightmare that i went to US Embassy without all my documents. **no doubt, i have a stack of documents prepared, from the business invitation letter, itinerary, identification card photocopy, blah blah blah.....and a super ugly 2 * 2 inches photo of min…







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